Each Sunday we connect as a family and encounter God through worship, teaching, and prayer. Coming together as a church creates an environment for us to encourage one another as we grow our relationships with God. You can expect a warm, friendly congregation that really cares, Christ-honoring music that is sung from the heart, genuine worship of God, and soul-stirring preaching from the Word of God.

Please come and worship with us this Sunday!



  • Nursery-Preschool: We will care for your child’s needs while showing them the love of God through this ministry.
  • Younger Elementary: Kendra Jasper teaches the truth of God’s Love while engaging the senses through music and hands-on learning.
  • Older Elementary: Diane Eckerle uses fun activities to teach God’s Word and help students discover how the Gospel is being spread all around the world.
  • Middle & High School: This class teaches how to apply the biblical truths to student’s everyday lives and provides a process for maturing in Christ.
  • Uncommon (20-45): Todd Jasper leads this group as these young adults grow together in Christ.
  • Adult II (40-65): Stephen Capps leads this mixed class of couples and singles.
  • Senior Adults (65+): Randy Mason teaches this class using Bible Studies for Life.



  • Adult Bible Study: Come and experience the transforming power of Christ during this time of study, fellowship, and growth.
  • Youth Group (6th-12th grade): Learn to be a disciple and center your life on Christ, create healthy friendships within a community of believers, build God’s kingdom through acts of service, discern your calling through your gifts and talents, and have lots of fun doing it!
  • Christmas Program (elementary students): Come and be a part of this exciting event.