More than likely you’re paying us a visit because you are wondering who we are and why we just “blessed” you. We do not want anything in return. We don’t want your money. This isn’t a clever marketing tool to get you to come to our church–although you are welcome to come. We aren’t simply trying to generate web traffic.

We pass out grace cards for two reasons:
1. We want to serve and bless our community
2. We want you to receive even more grace.


What is Grace?

Perhaps one of the best definitions of grace is “God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense.” Grace is God deciding to not treat us as our sins deserve but instead giving us all of His blessings. Grace is undeserved favor.


Why do we need it?

Every person needs grace. And not just a one time shot of it. Every person needs grace for everyday of their life. Every moment of eternal life will be a moment of grace. Why?

Because as the Bible proclaims, “we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God”. That means that we have blown our right to experience God’s greatness. As the Bible also says “we have exchanged the glory of God for a lie”. We have decided to worship the Creation rather than the Creator.

And so because of this foolish exchange we stand guilty before a holy God. So our situation is grim. As one person has put it, “It is not simply that we do not deserve grace; we do deserve hell”.

But we desperately need grace. You and I feel this everyday. We feel the pain of our brokenness (the result of our foolish exchange). Our relationships with others is broken. We often lack joy and peace. We lack meaning and purpose. But more than anything we have a nagging sense that things are not okay between us and God. Deep down we know that we are broken and we need grace.


How do we get grace?

Grace comes to us because of another exchange. This one seems foolish but it is actually the wisdom of God. Because of his love and grace, on the Cross Jesus took the penalty for our sin. But he did more. He also gave us His righteousness. In other words, he restored our ability to experience God’s greatness.

This gift is ours by responding in faith and repentance. Faith is turning toward God in trust and repentance is turning away from sin towards God. It is agreeing with God about our sin and also agreeing with God about His Son.

If you know that you need grace then cry out to God for it. He’s gracious and loving. He is slow to anger and abounding in love. You receiving this card is a sign of grace. Reading this far–to hear the gospel–is a sign of grace. Get more grace today by trusting in Jesus.

If you would like more information on the gospel, click here.
If you would like to contact a pastor, click here.

If you received this card, and you already are worshipping at a Christ-exalting, Bible-believing church, stay there! But maybe you can pass on your grace card to someone else.

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