Sunday School

The Gospel Project

We are getting ready to start our new semester of Sunday school.  We will be going through the brand new curriculum called The Gospel Project.  All of our groups will be using the material which should offer greater opportunities for families to share, during the week, what they learned on Sunday morning. 

Sunday school is a great way to build better relationships with other people as well as devote time to studying the Scriptures.  We offer Sunday school groups for various ages and interests.  Sunday school starts at 9:00am each week.  For a map of our building and where the classes meet just click here.

Groups Offered

Babies to Early Pre-K- (meets in Nursery and Room 104)
Older Pre-K to Kindergarten (Room 201)
Grades 1 & 2 (Room 204)
Grades 3 to 5 (Room 206)
Junior High (Room 205)
High School (Basement)
Adults (Room 107)
Mens (Room 203)
Ladies (Room 103)
Senior Adults (Room 105)

If you would like more information about these groups please e-mail